I have changed . . . .musings about “the curse”

I have tested Christianity to see if it had any holes  . . . it did.   Creationism did too.

What sense does it make that only some Roses have thorns?  Curse or mutation? Which is the better explanation?  Why does it matter that a slug doesn’t live forever? What does God have against slugs? Why do some poisons in plants ONLY affect certain animals and NOT humans?  Why did God curse OTHER planets with storms?  Why am I responsible for what one man that I never met did? Why don’t the “forgiven” people on this earth live forever? And we are all taught that everyone is given a chance to listen to the gospel to be saved. This clearly does not account for the unborn. And why . . . WHY is a chariot mentioned in Genesis?  I thought this was an eyewitness account and during Adam’s time there would NOT have been any chariots or swords.


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2 Responses to “I have changed . . . .musings about “the curse””

  1. limey Says:

    HI Mike, Interesting post. I take it you have started on a questioning path. How is it going?

  2. mike00000000001 Says:

    It is going ok. The more I look the more problems I see with Christianity. My question is how on earth I’m going to manage changing my social connections . . .

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