This video is so stupid

First of all . .. every species has a limited range of change to work with. Secondly, a species will not make positive changes simply because it benefits them. There has to be a physical and chemical basis for the change to happen. Thirdly, the experiment mentioned NEVER GENERATED complete strands of working DNA. The more I study evolution . . . the more I realize that it is just as much a religion as Creationism. People believe in evolution because they WANT TO BELIEVE.


4 Responses to “This video is so stupid”

  1. cognitivediscopants Says:

    What biological principle do you rely on to say that “every species has a limited range of change to work with”?

  2. limey Says:

    what CD said.

    People don’t believe in evolution. They accept it as true because of the evidence.

  3. mike00000000001 Says:

    “every species has a limited range of change to work with”

    They don’t form new genes. They work with the limited set of genes they already have.

  4. cognitivediscopants Says:

    Mike, I’m afraid that’s wrong. New genes evolve all the time. Typically, a gene will get duplicated. The organism and its offspring will then have 2 copies of the same gene. One of those genes will then be free to mutate in subsequent generations without adverse consequences to the organism. If the mutating copy stumbles upon a new, functional sequence, then you’ve got a new gene. This does occur and has been observed and documented.

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