Deciding morality . . . . first considerations

We are often told in the modern world that we should choose our own morality. But how wise are we at choosing? What substance is there to morality except in the minds of those beings who enforce or follow it (be they man, God, or whatever)? That is precisely the problem. You can’t go about enforcing any moral law unless you know what else is being enforced and by what or by whom. Until you know that you can’t really be sure whether or not you will be successful at following your own morality. You could certainly follow it anyways just on principle . . . but the obstacles you may face to following it or getting others to follow it could be great or small. Suppose there is a God who is apposed to your morality. You may well try to follow it only to be stopped by this God. Thus your morality would remain only temporarily at best. So your first consideration really should be whether or not their is a God.


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