Key Hypotheses . . . new stage in my thinking on evolution and creation

It has come to my attention that creative skeptical thought allows for more possibilities to consider . . . which exposes the task of understanding intelligent design or being able to prove it as being a complex very difficult scientific issue. At the heart of the issue is still what I believe is the nature of matter itself. The problem is information. The creationist has a valid point . . . where does the information in DNA come from? Can such complex information arise from non-information ? (i.e. simple dead matter with no intelligence or memory).  Now this is really probably the most significant scientific aspect of creationism . .. . take it away and you have no real argument for intelligent design other than irreducible complexity. Several creation models are actually theoretically “possible” . . some of them may even be a cross between evolution and design . .. . . what if this designer had gradually increases, by intervention, the complexity of species over time?   The key . . .. the absolute key . . .  .regardless even of micro-evolution  . . . is what matter can and cannot do apart from intelligence and a PREVIOUS MEMORY.   Thus this issue is broader than merely creationism.


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