My hypothesis

I have realized that not all creationists have bothered to make a testable intelligent design hypothesis. There is a great deal of . . . religion . . . . in the whole thing. So lets get more scientific.  It is beneficial to create a design hypothesis that actually takes many possibilities into consideration . . .  forming a real testable hypothesis. I will be working on this. For now it is interesting to note that the directness of design is difficult to determine.  How do I know humanity wasn’t replicated by some star trek device? This would be a replicator rather than intelligent design. It is possible to imagine many indirect design situations like this. Obviously someone had to build the replicator. Or did we used to live on another planet as a race and then lost our knowledge of that previous existence? And how would you know? So . . . . creating a design hypothesis is actually a complex task. I must come up with some testable hypothesis that we are somehow designed by a higher more powerful intelligence and that this designer made life on earth.


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