hmmmmm . . . . .it looks like

Looks like an alligator to me, possibly an extinct variation. Of course, without any dna testing you can’t really know for sure if it is alligator or maybe some other lizard type. And without actually seeing it give birth there really is no way to know how its gene pool diversifies. But in spite of all this these evolutionists just somehow KNOW deep down it must be an ancestor.  It is cheap science if you ask me. Look, they haven’t proven it and yet, here it is, EVIDENCE of ancestry. I’m not stupid. This isn’t scientific. They could have at least been more honest with the headline and admitted it was only hypothetical at best. You see this is why I can’t trust these scientists when they say things like THIS. Evolution is the only science I know of where the answer is ALREADY ASSUMED FROM THE BEGINNING.   Its like somebody in a back room just rewrites the story of our ancestry based on this poultry evidence and then the newsmen take the new story line and say “see they have told us, so it is true”  and then they start typing away a presumed fact that is no fact at all.


All you really need to do is look at the man behind the curtain . .. . . then suddenly the wizard(evolution as fact) isn’t such a wizard anymore.


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