Wow. it would take 15 million years for just one copy of a gene to be preserved??? The article helps me understand that . . . regardless of the numbers . . . . this copy being preserved would be a very rare event if it could happen.  Lets face it . . . even if I’m right I still need to study this stuff more.  The creationist view is, in my opinion, correct. No one has managed to create observable MACRO evolution . . . ..     However, the more I learn about genetics the more I realize I need a better grasp of how information is processed in genes.

What is really important for me to do  . .. . . if I want to get to the heart of this matter more quickly .. . is to find some universal principle of information . . . clearly stated .. . that works in all cases. But to do this I’m going to have to study DNA a bit more . . .  only when a principle actually works can it be applied.


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