Geology and some common sense

There are supposed to be 4.5 billion years of time starting with the simplest life forms, the trilobites. Supposedly one should be able to count the layers like tree rings. Fine . . .sounds good at first. But, me thinks there is a problem. Firstly, how deep have we actually dug? Well it looks like we went all the way . . . .

18 miles . . . . thats it . . . just 18 miles. Our crust is pretty THIN. I look for the hard data that can’t be denied  . . and this is hard data . . . not just some drawing or rendition that BARELY REFLECTS THE FACTS ON THE GROUND. Renditions are ok . . . but ONLY IF THEY ARE HONEST.

Ok . . .deepest fossil ever found at . . . ready??  16,000 feet ( Do you know how many miles that is??? Its about just THREE. So supposedly there is about 4.5 billion years in just THREE MILES. Lets do the math. Lets even be generous and forget for a moment how fast errosion or depositing is . . . . I just want to put this into perspective . . that is 192,000 inches. Let us divide 4.5 billion by this number.  Wow . . . that would be like . . . 23, 437 years of change in just one inch .. .  and yet . .. some very large fossils span SEVERAL inches. Doesn’t this all seem a bit . . . odd . . . if evolution was true?  I know for a fact that slow water errosion could carve a whole mile in 600,000 years at slowest possible pace. Yet I am asked to believe that this happened much more slowly in 1/23,437 of an inch and took MILLIONS of years. Ok, fine . . . different climates . . .fair enough.  But seriously do we really know what we are talking about when we have to look at that small of a slice given how quickly it actually can happen??  This, to me, is absurd. The slice is so small I doubt a single grain of sand or dirt would fit in it. The line is very blurry isn’t it??? Isn’t it far more conceivable than at least a cm was deposited in around a year in some places? At that rate you could only have a geological column that was at the very most only 4 million years old . . maybe you could stretch it to 15 million . . . it really only depends on what was actually going on . .. . so it depends. This is really a far cry from 4.5 billion years and makes more sense to the common observer. And water can erode more quickly or not at all. Wind errosion can be fast or slow . . . it all depends.  How, given all this, can any evolutionist say with certainty that thus and such a layer is so old ?? Now don’t you think there would be at least a cm of change in 23,000 years???   It seems as though this is so absurd as to not even be measurable. Who knows how fast or slow . . .who knows!!! What if the whole world was just a lifeless desert for 10 million years everywhere in the planet??  Wouldn’t the sand stay generally at the same level . . if there was no rain or water?? And we think we can PROVE this???   How do you know these layers haven’t been formed over and over again??  Do you think it just keeps growing like a tree ring?? Well guess what . . it can’t because then you would need more dirt than is present on planet earth!!!

Well ok there are ways to measure . . . perhaps with great futility, but I suppose that is for another post.

I think it clear that if we only look at just dirt nothing is certain. Fossils are much better.

Better one . . . . what if it one period there were creatures that dug all the way to the bottom or just all the way to the top . . . what if dinosours got covered in mudslides??  Such is the futility gaining understanding of the earths age from dirt.

Due to the instability of carbon dating . . .I don’t think we have any sure way of dating this earth yet. But biology CAN tell us how long LIFE has been here.

Ok that was a bit of a clumsy start . . . but what do you expect when a person first stumbles into geology?? I already see some problems with the evolutionary thinking on this. We will see where it goes.


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