Another one .. . . harder though

hold on let me watch one more time . . . . .ok .. . . .to be honest I am going to need to research this fusion thing.   By the way the neandrathal thing is a total dud as dna is quite easily distorted. Scientists being in argeement says nothing.  The best argument on this video is the fussion of chromosomes.  So I guess this must mean that chromosomes from two apes fused and then  . . . . oop . . . out came a human . . . pretty fast. We should be able to produce a new humans then by fusing these chromosomes . . . . oh forget the neandrathal we just need two apes  . . . . I think this one is going to fail after all. Heck we don’t need billions of years . . . just fuse two ape chromosomes . .. right?   So then why aren’t apes that we know today our ancestor as apposed to . . . . mister neandrathal . . . . you can’t have it both ways . . . I mean here you are saying that I came from the neandrathal . . . but then we are talking about chimp chromosomes? And by the way mating does not suddenly create a fused chromosome. If it did there really ought to be a lot of humans comming from apes right now rather quickly . . . haahahahaha . . .

oh ok maybe it just happened very slowly??  And how would it do that without creating birth defects??

By the way these Neandrathals lived along side humans and had advanced tools ( I’m sure you will find that at other places besides answers in genesis.

Honestly this proves nothing. Missing chromosomes?  ehhh well frogs are missing some so that means that frogs came from us?? Wait I’m confused.  I’m going to research fused chromosomes because I have a feeling there is an evolution clown hiding in the closet waiting to be laughed at. A logical examination should show you up front that this video does not actually prove that the process of evolution is possible. It is only suggesting that this is proof that it happened. Yet in order for this proof to be complete we would have to have several intermediate steps available.  This gives us none.


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