They misunderstand irreducable complexity

It is not really about finding simpler systems that work . . . . . it really should be about whether or not just ONE AND THE SAME system can survive all of the subtle step by step changes without SELF DESTRUCTING. We all know that most mutations are bad and it is precisely because of this problem. And I have yet to discover a mutation that adds a protein to a species but that is a different problem. All good ideas self correct . . . someone is trying to make them better. I’m aware of the problems possed to creationists and so far I have found that not only is the weight of evidence good for creationism but there can be better arguments. We can adapt. Let me give you a much tougher irreducably complex problem (pardon my spelling) . . . .

You have a car driving in pitch black darkness . . .your challenge is to cause it to change into an air plane through slow steps without crashing the car . . . . sound fun???


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