The desperation of evolutionary biologists is now plain to me

I just calculated the probability of just one complex and useful protein forming via mutation in 4.5 billion years . . . . . . . zero.   There is a small chance, but it would take much longer that the mere sliver of time you call billions of years. Evolution is the fairy tale. This process would take longer than the known age of the universe by far more than a billion fold. I can’t accept something that has such an impossible probability. It is really no wonder to me that bugs and lizards have not been observed to produce human skin or dog fur. And there really should be a big foot. Actually there should be at least five living variations of big foot. There should be so many fossils that every last layer of dirt should be crowded with them to the point of creating fossil mush. There should be many many many ancient prehuman ruins with civilizations that came and went in the hundreds of thousands.  But we don’t see ANY of this. And I just recently found, as pointed to in previous posts, serious blockades to long term evolution that would make it take even longer . . . TOO TOOO long .. . . no evolutionary biologist could outright deny that the age of the earth is long enough if they did the math . . . . . i think its why the theory of ALIENS SEEDING US is becoming so popular.  I don’t think aliens did it. I think God did it.  So why God instead of alliens . .. . ? because aliens simply would not be intelligent enough to create several interdependent ecosystems unless they were almost like . . . a God. In other words a mere alien could not do this . . . and even if it was ancient aliens . . . . who seeded the aliens???   It still seems to lead back to a very high intelligence beyond our universe . . . . God.


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