Ive been shocked lately

I came into this certain that creationism was true, then latter thinking that atheist materialism might be true. But then I began to realize that much of the way physical matter is now in our solar system simply can’t be explained as the behavior of ordinary dead matter. This doesn’t look like an atheist Universe. Until a PLAUSIBLE explanation can be given in terms of the ordinary behavior of matter that is beyond any shadow of a doubt and does not sound ridiculous I believe I will remain convinced that some higher power did it. Dead, simple, lifeless matter just doesn’t do this stuff. Ask the scientists. And when you do the actual research this fact seems to amplify rather than diminish. Yes many things that man thought was supernatural turned out to be ordinary. But I find that when you research origins and how our solar system began and how intelligence came to be  . . . the trend is in the opposite direction . . . much to my shock and amazement. The materialist explanations for origins are sounding more ridiculous. The explanations sound so implausible . .  . as if materialists expect matter to do something it simply can’t do. I have been doing the research. I am shocked. Its easy to think something is possible in an abstract sense . . . but when the abstract notion smacks into reality you realize that your view didn’t reflect reality. I don’t live in a normal universe . . . at least not in terms of origins. You could put all the material of which my body is made into a stew but it will not make another me . .. . even over billions of years.


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