Creation vs evolution . . . high noon .. . drama

Creationist: Dear evolutionist, your final challenge has come. It has the potential to destroy either your theory or mine.

Evolutionist: Ha, you silly creationist. Go do your research.

Creationist: I have.

Evolutionist: Let me guess? The Bible?

Creationist: Sir I doubt the Bible. I’m not a hard core Biblist. I just want to know the truth. I have problems with Noahs flood. But geology and Bible verses are besides the point.

Evolutionist: And what is the point?

Creationist: The point is whether or not the process of biological macro evolution can and did happen. That is really the only point. Because if it did not happen this lends credibility to the theory that we were planted here much as we are now. All I have to do is prove that we did not change as much as the theory of evolution suggests. From there a whole new line of reasoning comes. It would mean that our existence here was sudden and spontaneous . . . . quite unnatural.

Evolutionist: Yes I suppose that would seem unnatural.

Creationist: Well I have a hypothesis.

Evolutionist: And that is??

Creationist: My hypothesis . . . is that there is a genetic or molecular block to a certain degree of variation within a species and that this block or boundary is caused by some cellular process or molecular structure. This cellular blockage would prevent the degree of variation needed for macro evolution to occur. I suspect that there is some feedback mechanism in the cell that creates this boundary and thus this boundary will never be penetrated and has never been in the past . . thus making macro evolution impossible and proving that we have separate and distinct species that never . . . ever . . . changed or at least not to the degree required by evolution. If this biological process cannot occure then it didn’t. If it didn’t then we have always been this way. If we have always been this way then we where planted here and did not evolve . .. or if you like . . .we were seeded. If I am right .. . . then the whole theory of macro evolution is a giant hoax or misunderstanding.

Evolutionist: What if you are wrong?

Creationist: If I am wrong . . . then creationism is a bunch of silly nonsense because the process of macro evolution would be proven possible. Deal?

Evolutionist: Deal!!

Seeing this video gave me the idea to put this up. See video here

Also see this for an argument from the other side which appears to be a video about the evolution of Ecoli:

In my mind . . . . this would resolve the issue once and for all.

Also I saw these two videos which gave me the idea that there might be blocks and feedback. Warning . . one of these videos talks about bugs . .

Would like some advice to refine this hypothesis and make sure I am being as open minded about it as possible. It would only prove that we appeared here spontaneously . . . which would lead to other interesting conclusions. These videos really made me think. I’m seriously wondering. I meant no offense against pro evolutionists in this post or against creationists. I simply had an interesting theory and wanted to dramatize it. I hope this was in interesting post for anyone who wants to read it. Albeit this hypothesis of mine would only prove that we didn’t macro evolve . . . which would be quite interesting. If disproven then macro evolution would have to be true. If, on the other hand, proven, then this would really sink darwins theories regarding large scale evolution!!

Ive already become a bit of a deist in my thinking. I am very much open to suggestions on this. It does not prove christianity or some particular religion. But if proven it would suggest some higher intelligence was at work . .. possibly a God.


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