Why do so many people hold to a particular view of anything without sufficient evidence? I think the answer must be that we all have a kind of religion. Its just that some of us have more religion and some less. How many atheists do you know that are evolutionary biologists or that have a deep understanding of geology?  There are only some. The exact same thing can be said of creationists. We all have religion apparently. Its just that those who believe in God tend to have more of it. We all have a deep need to . .. . set a world view in place . . . rather quickly. We may change it, but we still need some sense of stability . . . something to stand on. I could look forever and ever and ever .. . . but then where would I be at the end? Still looking? Maybe instead of totally dispensing with faith one should hold to the most rational faith or . . . worldveiw. At least its a destination.


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