Wow ok, far more than just 4 amino acids actually exist

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This changes things quite a bit . . . . making the odds even more impossible. Rather than a chance of having all 4 in one spot being 100% we need to calculate a different percent chance. It is for out of 20. That is pretty close to one 4th so we need to imagine the right proteins being 4 times as far apart. But wait there are more here. There could be as many as 100 different acids since we already know there are 50. Ok, thats reasonable to guess.  That is 100 divided by 4. So what is 100 divided by 5? Its 20.  So just 20 times our original 528 feet and we get? Well we get proper proteins being up to two miles apart or more depending on if a proper combination is in close range. No way. AND these have to be folded. And the chances of them even being folded are smaller still. We may as well at this point envision the right ones happening 10 miles apart or more. Where I thought I would see evolution, I am starting to see merely a pool of acid. For even the simplest cell you need the right proteins and they need to be folded.


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