Why would

Why would some species stop mutating while others continued? What would be the physical cause of this difference?

This video does not “demolish” darwins theory, but it causes me to ask the question I just did . .

Some species evolve and others do not? Or perhaps it is simply that the process takes very long? And if some evolve more quickly than others then what would be the cause of this difference? We appear to have, if the fossils on this video are in fact real, extremely old fossils of species that have not change for millions of years. Perhaps our time line is to small? Or perhaps the species we have now came about very very slowly and remained up until now with little change because we only see a small slice of time. But in that case it would mean that far more than a few million years would be needed for one of these species to change. When asking my first question of why so many missing links are dead I failed to ask this related question .. . why wouldn’t they have changed over that time? In fact why are frogs still frogs and apes still apes? Its very related.   … . . !!!!  if we go with abiogenesis we would have to presume multiple evolutions with some starting early and some later . . but only if we think in terms of advancing evolution . .. . but then again there could have been evolving and devolving along the way so we may have no easy way of knowing how the lines changed over time. There might have been several evolvings and devolvings before we got to where we are now.  but the rate of change is the real mystery here. I mean this rate problem is incredible.  We go back millions of years and we find many of the same species. How could this be?


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