A skeptical persuit of truth

Regardless of religion I want to know the truth. My inquiry continues. Now in regards to evolution, I am coming up with new finds. A chemically random act would predict certain results;

1: It would predict species with a rather chemical shape

2: It would predict more of the simpler species since it is easier for these to form

3: It would predict simpler chemistry in simpler species

As far as I can tell all of these predictions have come true. However, there is a problem. Can a fish mate with a frog? Nope. Can a dog mate with a cat? Nope. So where does the advancement come from at that point? Does one species have the needed mutational ability to become more complex? If not then where does it get these abilities? Once species are complex enough it is difficult to imagine how they would simply join together to form a higher one.  We cannot join them like pieces at this point as if a frog was a lung and a cat was a heart. Past the cellular level it is no longer so simple.


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2 Responses to “A skeptical persuit of truth”

  1. hktelemacher Says:

    To say that a problem with evolution is that a fish can’t mate with a frog or a dog can’t mate with a cat is total and utter nonsense. The theory of evolution does not predict that a fish could mate with a frog or a dog could mate with a cat.

    Evolution happens in increments within a population. It just so happens that the periods of time we’re talking about are so mind-bogglingly long that all of the gradual steps add up to large changes over time.

  2. mike00000000001 Says:

    You are correct on that one. I have long since considered the sillyness of my comment.

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