Well genetic change is sure interesting . . it appears to have “switching mechanisms”


Switching mechanism added to what I know concerning gene filters seems to limit, as far as I can tell, what changes can occur. This again creates problems for evolution. It is so complex that a MECHANISM for the change must be present?

Regarding so called evolutionary history, these scientists could simply be “seeing” patterns that are not there. Did I miss something or is this history almost entirely an assumption in this article?

Well I will give it that a mutation can create almost any size of something. This experiment proves this one fact once and for all beyond all doubt as if it wasn’t already obvious in every species. Though there do appear to be some limits to the size changes depending on species.

If it isn’t already apparent, it would seem that in order for evolution to work many things in a species would have to change at the same time. So noted. As can be clearly seen an entire genetic switch mechanism is most likely the cause of positive adaptations.  This really lends credibility so far to my theory that adaptation is built in and limited in scope.   The scientists even noticed a leveling off phase.   What would falsify my theory is to show that somehow such a mechanism could just evolve or that it was capable of far more changes beyond the present species.


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