Oh my goodness . .. billions of possible combinations of protein


This does not help the chances of evolution. although only some proteins are being used in life forms according to above link this does not mean these are the only possible combinations. Based on what we  know from the above, the chances of getting even one proper protein are like 100,000 out of a billion to the power of AT LEAST 10. That percent of a chance is actually extreeeeammly small. We are talking for the need for a lot of space and time to make this work . .   the big number here is like a rough and extreamly generous estimate of a billion times a billion on and on up to ten times . . AT LEAST . . if we try to factor in the right combination of chemicals in a cell. We are are talking about a huge number of possibilities out of which only some very few will work.  There are at least as many fats, acids, sugars ect ect!!!


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