I’m serious about logic

I know that in order for a person to truly begin to expand their ability to think they must be able to look beyond the constraints of any particular perception or language or number and realize that all perception is available as a means of reflecting reality and that such reflection varies on a scale from abstract symbol to direct and exact simulation and representation.  Either it will be reflected by a symbol such as a number or a letter or it will be directly represented such as by a painting or a simulation. Reality has concreteness. All things symbolized have an existence apart from that symbol. One must be able to consider that existence in order to stretch the boundaries and go where the symbol cannot go.

But one also needs creativity, for without that you not only have difficulty bending the concrete to what you want but you also would have trouble considering many different and varied possibilities. Beware because there are billions so you will never in your life think of absolutely all of them. This is why random sampling is important. Making choices more relevant also helps reduce the number of possibilities you need to consider. If science, consider only the possibilities that are relevant to your problem. If art, consider only possibilities that are most likely top be esthetically pleasing. But in this case we are dealing with science. If there are too many relevant possibilities to contemplate then randomly sample.

And you need to think of probability, which is basically the human minds way of predicting through assumed continuance or connection or relatedness. Its one of the ways we interpret language. The context allows us to assume a probability of what is meant.

I give you these thoughts to help improve your own. But I’m also in the process constantly of improving my own thinking. We all still have a lot to learn about reasoning so this is far from complete. I partly put this hear to show I am very serious about logic. And please, If what I am saying here is either inaccurate or incomplete or outright primitive compared to what you know about logic and reasoning in general then I would love to hear your input. I think logic and abstraction are fun and amazing and I’m always learning new stuff.

Thinking is a thing that can be advanced much the same as a car can be made better and better or as a computer can be made better and better. The difference is it is a limited resource, so you are just trying ever more to make the most out of it. I know there is always room for improvement. There is always something new to learn.

I almost forgot . . . one can conclude rules and formulas from observations . . crucial to science.

And . . . seeing things . . the same concrete can be seen many different ways. Are we seeing it the right way or are we just . .. seeing things that aren’t what they seem? Illusions?

And finally, how accurately does a communication reflect a reality. Is it a hoax or is it the truth or is it simply accidentally misrepresented?


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