Question everything

My concern is with what can work chemically and what cannot and the probability thereof. A good theory that just seems to work is not going to be enough to me. I am totally going to deep search this thing and test it’s metal. Things you are about to read should make both you and me question . . . question everything. Important facts below;

The moon has huge craters. How did earth make it through these collisions?

Given that a sun can be any number of sizes it is impossible to know exactly how old it is. So how old is it?

Where did all the meteorites come from?

Check out this video. Though not everything in it is exactly logical it shows a video of a cell at the end. THIS IS what happens inside a cell. How did this happen? This is an amazing subatomic structure. . .  See cell video near end. Note: you will have to go to you tube to watch.

What is this . . . .

Is it a hoax? Is it real?

What is this . . . (see dragon picture)

Is this real? Is it a hoax?

What on earth does this double slit experiment tell us?!!! Are we in a hologram?




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